Luxury speakers for luxury interiorOur initial product offering and prototypes are only a small taste of the possibilities that brings about a truly refresing music listening experience in your home. The source of the sound has to framed with a harmanious environment in order to enjoy an ideal experience. We offer speakers that fit and complement your home without obstructing your style.
We design the shape which is the most correlative with your interior decor, we select the outer trimming from a wide variety of materials and textures, such as leather, stone, mosaic, polish, chrome and etc.

Special offer of Art & Voice is a selected Hungarian contemporary painter’s work on any subject, so the speaker as a stand-alone work of art will be part of your home decor!

After the external artistic design is complete, its followed by the engineering of the electronics, taking into account the Loudspeakers which fit to the interioracoustics of the room and the customer’s needs. Different types of electronics are required for a music room, a restaurant, a home theater or a hotel’s lobby. Therefore our electronics design are customized based on the environmental requirements.
Then we select the the speakers, which range from the base Hifi categoria all way to the world’s leading High-End speakers. We design the internal wiring, which can be made of high purity solid copper, silver plated copper or pure silver wiring. All speakers are equiped with custom designed crossovers, which go through several digital and simple ear-chosen tuning tests.
In addition to designing speakers, we also recommened the TV, amplifier and receiver as well in order to achieve superb sound.

Under products, all of our loudspeakers have custom external and internal designs.

In addition to apartments we are also dedicated to design and Custom designed speakersimplement the entire acoustics of restaurants, shops, bars, showrooms and galleries.

Dream up your home or business audio world and contact us to achieve it!

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