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Art & Voice was founded in 2004 and it is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Our activities include preparation of high-quality, hand-made, custom-designed speakers. Our goal is not only to meet the requirements of high level sound quality, but the excellent sound design molded with special exterior and associate artistic works by using special forms. Our business philosophy is to form an integral part of the speakers environment, because the listening experience is not limited to the enjoyment of true sound reproduction, but the listening experience depends on the listener’s complex sensory experiences as a whole. Accordingly, the environmental integrity of the exterior and the artistic value are not secondary to the audio quality requirements.

Our products are Hand-made crossover pannelsmostly made of fiberglass resin-based composite materials, using our own unique, patent-protected technology in the manufacturing process. We design our speakers mainly in spherical shapes based on acoustic and aesthetic considerations. Manufacturing is geared towards small-volume and limited series by hand, however we also satisfy the demand for personalized speakers and custom-designed products. We don’t plan on mass producing our speakers. The base model is a pair of stereo speakers with single color coating. The color can be choosen from the RAL standard color chart.

The products are available in specialty coatings, these premium products will depend on the size, complexity of preparation:
•Special metal finishes based on the color card
•Multi-colored, iridescent paint (different angles reflects a different color)
•Special coating materials (eg, stone-like coating)
Other materials (like crystals or precious metals) are also available to individual needs, as we are open to ideas.

We can supply the products with precious metal plaque, bearing the name of prospective owner (gold, silver, etc).

Hand-painted designA unique decorrative service that we offer is our hand-painted custom speakers. They can vary from a simple geometric ornament to a renowned contemporary artist’s work or replica of famous painters (eg Van Gogh or Michelangelo). The time needed for the artist to complete the painting depends largely on the complexity of the work. These special speakers are more expensive and they are subject to a special pricing structure.
The complex works of art are individually designed for the customer without making any replicas.

The speakers are mounted with a variety of high-quality speaker drivers that can compete with the industry leading products. We design the electro acoustics and manufacture our own crossover pannel in the most competent and reliable way customized to every speaker and shape. It all depends on the desired parameter of the speaker and the target environment. For example, a small room hi-fi system, a 5.1-channel home theater system or a home recording studio monitor system will all require different needs. Our delivery period is 1 to 6 months, depending on the size and complexity of the customization. A hand-painted speaker takes approximatelly 4 to 6 months to make, meanwhile a simpler design could take only 1 month to make.

We are honored that there are some celebrities in the World, such as Valentino Rossi, Aspar Martinez, Phill Reed, Yanick Noah, Prince, and Beyonce who are proud owners of Art & Voice speakers.

Valentino Rossi and His Art&Voice speaker

Phil Read and His Art&Voice speaker

Yannick Noah and His Art&Voice speaker

Beyonce and Her Art&Voice speaker

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